I turn to you.

My quiet time this morning was 2 Corinthians 1 verses 3 – 11, and how God will help us through our difficult times.   It reminded me of an old Mel C song ‘I turn to you’.  While it wasn’t a Christian song it held a Christian response for me.  It helped me to focus on the only One who could help me through a period of depression.  There were other songs and visual things, but these words always brought a smile to my face.

‘I turn to you, like a flower turns towards the sun,

I turn to you for you’re the only one.

When I ‘m upside down, you turn me right way up.

I turn to you. I turn to you.

I may not have quoted the words correctly, but that is how I remember them!  Sorry Mel  C.!  So to people like Bill Oddie, who are suffering from depression at the moment, I give you a little plate of sunshine!!


Flowers always make me smile and the bunches that I received the other day are still blooming!  The tulips gave me the inspiration for the icing colour.  Take care.


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