Doodle Bug.

We have all done it, drawing in the margin at an important meeting; swirling our way down the page during the lecture when we should have been taking notes; making circles while on the phone; or angular patterns when angry.  The general doodle!  Well, at the library the other day I came across the book Doodle-stitching by Aimee Ray.  Letting your needle do the thinking!

I had already found my tins of silks and decided that I didn’t want to do a cross stitch design, so the idea of doodling seem like a good idea!  Last night I took the opportunity to doodle, first in my sketch/thinking book and then free hand with a needle.  The latter proved the most satisfying, with the sketch book being a bit contrived.  However would I have come up with the finished brooch without the contrived part first – I doubt it!


I started opposite the wellie/brollie page as inspiration – raindrops!


(Sorry about the dazzle!)  Having doodled the main shapes I then did the red progressing to the green, before leaving the page to work on the needle doodle itself in the top corner.


Chain stitch, stem stitch, bullion knots and herring bone.  I think I should have done the blanket stitch around it in white, but on the whole I am quite pleased and will certainly continue to doodle with a needle!

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