Traditionally purple!

At the beginning of the year I set myself the challenge of making a tea cosy every month and so far I have made three, plus the one I made up for Mum.  If you click on the cosy tag you can see them.  For this month I have decided to be very traditional and make a fluted/pleated one, which will be in total contrast to the Bumble Bee I made last month!  Why so traditional?  Well I cleared out my kitchen draw last week and under the napkins and table cloths I found three creased tray cloths.  I obviously haven’t used them in a long time!  So I washed them and on Saturday carefully ironed them.  Each one has a different memory.


My niece made this one for me some ten years ago.


The embroidery came up well.

This next one was my first attempt at cross stitch when I was in my early teens.  I remember working on it when Olga Korbut was dancing her cheeky gymnastic floor routine!  Boy, that dates me!!


I was in a very purple phase.  I painted my bedroom purple and white.  It took three coats of white to get rid of the colour one year later!!  I still love purple and like to wear any shade!


I showed it proudly to an elderly lady, who turned it over and tutted loudly before saying ‘the back should be as neat as the front, my dear.’!!!!  She gave me another tray cloth to do and yes the back is as neat as the front!


It wasn’t so intricate and very traditional, and I have never forgotten what she said!

So I think three traditional tray cloths and a pretty bone china tea service deserve a traditional fluted tea cosy.  The colour?  Well it has to be purple or lilac, doesn’t it?!?!

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