A Bunch of Thank Yous!

The simple act of giving a bunch of flowers can say and mean such a lot, and Saturday I received the most gorgeous bunch of tulips and freesias.  And while they were a thank you for the invitation, I can give them back to J and J in a list of thank yous!


As I looked at them this morning they said ‘thank you for friends’


‘thank you for the shared laughter’


‘thank you for the shared moments’


‘thank you for the colour and smell….mmmmm’


‘thank you for brightening up this dreary Monday morning’


And now I have spread that ‘thank you’ around the house so I can see it wherever I am.

Coming down the stairs….


as I walk into the lounge….


and as I sit relaxing with my crocheting.


So what am I crocheting?  Well my bag is complete and my Ripple rests within it!



But in contrast to this..


I have these vibrant stripes ready for a new quilt top.  So another ‘thank you for the inspiration’.


So many thank yous from one bunch of flowers!

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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