Yes I have been having a spot of retail therapy!  Always good on a rainy day, but even better when the sun is trying really hard to come out as it was on Monday.  Have you ever thought about the weather conditions affecting the things and colours  you buy?  Hhmmm?!  Well this is what I bought on Monday.


Having been drawn to the wall of colour, I really wanted to buy, but which colourway?  Oh what the heck – one of each ended up in my basket!


I have six great nieces and nephews so I think some little slipper socks will be knitted over the summer for Christmas pressies!  Ooops sorry!  But for now I shall gaze at the colour combinations.


Monday also saw me sneak this little bundle into the basket.  It was all done up with ribbon and cried out ‘buy me!’  Soooo…….

And then on Wednesday in the pouring rain and fog I ventured into Nottingham and bought Kaffe Fassett’s book purely for the colour fix on such a grey day.



So together with a big cutting mat my therapy was complete, but now the itchy fingers have started!


So tomorrow will be spent in the garden, tidying and trimming, and thinking about the projects I can start with my stash.

Oh yes meet…


Well you will when he has gone to his new home!

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