Celebrations have been in the headlines recently for Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, but there was one other 200 year birthday celebrated this last weekend.  CMJ or The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People.  It was started in London in 1809 by William Wilberforce, (of slavery abolition fame), Charles Simeon and Lord Shaftsbury, to spread the Gospel to the Jewish people and it continues today on a global scale.


So Friday saw us winging our way down to Bath for the first of the large services to celebrate this bicentenary.  And phew! hasn’t it been a busy couple of days.  Bath Abbey is beautiful with spectacular fan vaulting.  Sadly I only had time to take some quick  pictures.  I couldn’t resist the sun rising behind  the Abbey.  We had a lovely view from our bedroom window.



The nave is very light with the high clear windows.  Contrast this to the aisles.



Sadly the sun didn’t shine enough for me to gather the colours from the windows but the tracery was beautiful too.  Imagine quilting lines and patchwork!


So yesterday was a quiet day for catching our breath and doing things crafty!



It is growing!

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