It all started with…

..daffodils!  I treated myself to some flowers yesterday, daffodils!  They were tightly furled in their buds like a small present waiting to be opened.  The present has started to open.


I have dotted them around the home, in the hall as a welcoming treat,


in the lounge where the heat has really brought them open,


and in the kitchen window, where I can smile at them and they can smile back at me!


It was while I was smiling that I looked again at my green and blue bottles.  I just love coloured glass.  The reflections and hues that they cast with the sunshine.  Sadly the sun is not shining here today but the light is reflecting.



And although these bottles are on a high shelf their colours still reach out.


The double sided glass cabinet allows plenty of opportunity for the light to play.


The glass in the middle was a very special present from my Son on a big birthday!!  They all , daffodils and glasses, help to brighten a day.  So smile!!!

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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