Anyone for tea?

At the moment I am reading the Miss Read novels about Thrush Green and quite enjoying the light hearted style of the writing.  She begins the second book by talking about the innocent pleasure of tea time.

The very ritual of tea making, warming the pot, making sure that the water is just boiling, inhaling the fragrant steam, arranging the tea-cosy to fit snugly around the precious container, all the preliminaries lead up to the exquisite pleasure of sipping the brew from thin porcelain, and helping oneself to hot buttered scones and strawberry jam, a slice of feather-light sponge cake or home-made shortbread. – (Gossip from Thrush Green)

While I prefer a good mug of tea, I can certainly go for the scone and jam!!  And the tea- cosy?  Well this is the one that has set me on my path of making cosies this year!


Mum gave me all the pieces to put together. The daffodil heads were quite fiddly but I think it has come out alright.


So on a cold, wet day like today, it really reminds me that spring is just around the corner!

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3 Responses to Anyone for tea?

  1. Melly says:

    Very cute cozy!!!! I just love the daffodils, they are ever so cute and I always admire knitting since I am so clueless about it. Happy New Year and I hope Spring will come quickly for you =]

  2. jennifer danielle robins says:

    i love you blog. It’s so great, your so talened and creative, with writing, photo’s and making stuff. And your tea party post is so brilliant, i brings memories flooding back, what a great night it was!
    God Bless Jen

  3. jennifer danielle robins says:

    terrible spellings sorry!

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