Bright and Cheerful!

Well the Christmas cake is started, the wasgij is progressing, and we have caught up with friends and family.  It has been a quiet time but an enjoyable one and soon it will be time to say bye to my son.  It has been good to spend some quality time together, just the three of us.  I look forward to his dental appointment!!!!!  He has to come home for that in a couple of weeks!  He! He!.

Christmas presents have been bright and cheerful.100_0213

The blue flame is caused by some fir cones with ferrous oxide on them, given to us by my sister.  This doesn’t do them justice.  The colours are really vibrant and a source for inspiration for the future.


Lime green featured heavily in my Christmas and birthday presents.  The turtle bag and scarf are a perfect match!  My slippers coordinate nicely and keep my feet beautifully warm – thanks Mum!  The bracelet was a birthday present and matches a jumper I have , as does the silk figured scarf.  The books are beautiful works in their own right.  Jane Brocket, I always feel a tingle when I peep inside!  So thank you everyone, but most of all thank you Jesus for being born.

Jesus, the light, is shining!

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