Monday Morning.

Monday morning can feel up lifting or that OH NO! feeling.  Yesterday was definitely an OH NO feeling day!  Whether it was the weather – boy was it grotty – or just me I’m not sure. but I suspect it was just me.   We lit the fire and I cuddled up on the sofa with my knitting and watched The Eagle Has Landed.  The feeling of contentment I felt earlier in the week was not there yesterday and I missed it.

This morning my quiet time looked at doing things with God at the centre.  Involving Him in all things that you do.  Having Him along side , sitting with Him as a friend,  talking to Him. Yesterday at Church I couldn’t find Him.  I find the new way of singing difficult and I miss the old songs.  I let this get in the way.

So this morning I am trying to get to that up lifting feeling.  The start of a new week.  A week when I can move forward with my Friend at my side.

I am the real Vine and my Father is the gardener. John 15 v 1

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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