I love magazines particularly home ones and craft ones!  Like everyone I’m on an economy drive so have had to cut back on my magazine spending, which is really hard as I work in a little corner shop that sells – yes – you’ve guessed it MAGAZINES!  However I have decided to treat myself once a month and this month I have gone for Country Living.  It fits into both categories and is packed with loads of goodies!!  Having had a quick flick through I can see there are many ideas for me to make my own Christmas presents.  Things I can tweek to make them that bit more personal to me! It isn’t just the items that they show that inspires me but also the photographs of the countryside.  Beautiful trees in all their autumnal glory,  views of the sea and docks, animal faces, birds and flowers.  It would be great to be able to have the time to take all these photographs myself, but time is precious and I can’t.  So, with their help, I can feel a selection of notelets forming!  Cushion covers in the russets and golds!  Bags and corsages!  The list is endless and now all I have got to do is allocate some time!  Thank you Country Living!  And watch this space as they say!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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