With the sun shining the three of us and Barnaby Bear set out for a picnic in the lovely grounds of Belton House.  The grounds far outshine the house which I feel lacks a heart.   Beautiful coountry houses are a real gem and should be looked after, but not at the expense of its history.  By taking them back to a set period so much history is lost.  Eastnor Castle is a place where that history is still living and you feel the warmth of the family as you walk around.  You are allowed to touch things carefully and be apart of that place.  Belton has lost that quality which is a shame.  But the grounds haven’t!!  You can walk across the grass and smell the flowers and really react with your environment.  Brilliant!  Even Barnaby Bear got into the feel of the place, diving head first into a planter!  Who is Barnaby Bear?  An intrepid explorer from Eaton.  He will be going on his travels again I have no doubt.

(Look in flickr for my pictures!)

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